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Welcome to the Central European Conference on Photochemistry CECP in Bad Hofgastein. Next meeting will be February, 4 to 8, 2018 in Bad Hofgastein, Austria


Registration is closed. Confirmed speakers from 2018 (alphabetic order)

Gonzalo Angulo vs. Arnulf Rosspeintner, Warsaw/PL/Geneva/CH    
"Flies On the Storm: a Dialogue About Diffusion In Photochemistry" (Tandem lecture)

Marcello Brigante, Aubière/F   
"Photochemical generation of inorganic radicals: Environmental applications and polluted water remediation"

Radek Cibulka, Prague/CZ    
"Flavins – not only cofactors but also efficient photocatalysts"

Martin Goez, Halle/D    
"Accessing the super-reductant eaq through sustainable photoionizations"

Elena Selli, Milan/I    
"Photocatalytic materials: spectroscopic characterization in relation to photoactivity"

Andreas Steffen, Würzburg/D        
"Influence of metal-metal interactions on the excited states in d10 coinage metal complexes"

Experimental lecture: Amitabh Banerji, Cologne/D
"OLED Reloaded: Synthesis of the Conjugated Polymer MEH-PPV in a Hands-on Experiment"

The scientific committee for the next conference (in order of their acceptance)

Mohamed Sarakha, Clermont-Ferrand, F, Dominik Heger, Brno, CZ, Heiko Ihmels, Siegen, D
Jacek Waluk, Warsaw, PL, Oliver Wenger, Basel, CH, Maurizio Fagnoni, Pavia, I
Guiding member: Stephan Landgraf, Graz, A, for EPA Austria.

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